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A2 Vedic Bilona Ghee


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A2 Cow Ghee can be considered as the most pure type of Ghee which is made from the milk that is extracted from desi cows. It is made through the traditional churning method in which the desi cow milk is curdled and then it is churned by hand or machine, the butter formed in this process is then heated till the ghee is obtained.
It is a better alternative to the regular cow ghee as it is made from A2 cow milk which does not contain a type of protein which is detrimental for the human body and increases the negative side effects for the lactose intolerance which is known as β-casein protein or A1 protein.

This type of ghee is a powerhouse of nutrition which is suitable for all age groups. It is free of any chemicals or additives and has a very rich and royal aroma which when added to our everyday meals makes it highly nutritious and lip smacking. Along with being consumed directly, it is also used in beauty products for skin and hair. In India, no pooja or traditional function can be completed without the use of ghee.
India leads the world as the largest producer and consumer of A2 Cow Ghee and other products made from A2 Cow Milk.

We at Shree Kamdhenu Rishikulam bring to you A2 Cow Ghee made from desi cow’s milk. It is free of any other additives and is highly nutritious. Do add it to the daily diet of your family and feel the difference.

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