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Apple Murabba with honey 0.5 kg



This Apple Murabba, infused with the goodness of honey, is a perfect blend of traditional charm and contemporary taste. Ideal for spreading on rotis or enjoying as a sweet indulgence, it promises a burst of natural sweetness in every bite. Elevate your culinary experience with our Apple Murabba with Honey, a true Indian delight that captures the spirit of pure, homegrown flavors.

Savor the richness of our Apple Murabba with Honey, a delightful fusion of handpicked, crisp apples and the innate sweetness of pure honey. Immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of this traditional Indian preserve, meticulously crafted to embody the essence of orchard-fresh goodness. Our artisans bring together the juiciness of ripe apples and the golden richness of honey, creating a unique symphony of taste that reflects the diverse culinary heritage of India.


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